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1.Main use and scope of application

This machine is suitable for drilling, expanding and reaming holes of 25mm or less in ferrous and non-ferrous metals, especially deep holes. Since the feeding mechanism adopts numerical control technology, the machining of the machine tool is more precise.

The structure is more compact, the operation and maintenance are more convenient, and the advantage of using a small drill bit is not easy to break, the whole machine has small vibration, low noise and stable operation. Particularly suitable for large-scale drilling of the same hole production.

2.Technical parameters

Maximum drilling diameter

Ordinary steel φ20mm, cast iron φ25 mm

Maximum stroke of the spindle

240 mm

Spindle Morse taper


Spindle speed

240、350、590、830、1230、1465、1850、2185、2900 r/min

Spindle feed speed

 0.1~9.9  ㎜/s

Maximum distance from the end face of the spindle to the working face of the base


Base work surface size


Spindle axis to column surface distance


Headstock around the column rotation angle


electric motor


Dimensions (length × width × height)

 83×64×187 cm

net weight

  230 Kg



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