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All of our machines are guaranteed one year except easy broken parts, over loading operation, artificial damage to the machines.

1. Easy broken parts include:

1) V belt and texrope;

2) Oil rings and washer;

3) Spring;

4) Inner and outer friction plates;

5) Elevating nuts;

6) Diamond rod.

2. Over loading operation

Take our radial drilling machine Z3050X16 for example, 25r/min spindle speed and 0.04mm/r spindle feed are applied for operation if the drilling diameter is 50mm on No.45 steel. One of our customerhs from Konya of Turkey, they bought 10 sets of radial drilling machine Z3050X16 from us in 2008, they have to buy gears and diamond rods from us every year, we found the problem one time when we visited them, one of their workers chose 100r/min spindle speed and 0.10mm/r spindle feed when they drilled 50mm on steel plate. We showed them the operation manual and found the page for spindle speeds and feeds. They apoligized for their mistake and promised to do exactly as the manual. Since then, they seldom replace the gears or diamond rods.

But if you want to make 50mm drilling operation on cast iron, 40r/min spindle speed and 0.06mm/r spindle feed can be applied. 

3. Good habit for maintenance is also very important to prelong the lifetime of the machine.

One of our customers from Lusaka of Zambia, he bought 3 sets of hydraulic radial drilling machine Z3050X16 from us in 2006, We only sent them one piece of intelligent relay last year, they told me all 3 machines are moving on well and he requests his workers to clean and lubricate the machines after working.

But one of our customers from Malaysia told us that the quality of our machines are not good, he asked me to send him one pair of diamond of radial drilling machine Z3063X20 in 2014, we asked him the position for the diamond rods, he sent us a picture, we felt very shocked when we receive the pictures,they never maintain the machine after operation, white painting has become black color, cover for diamond rods is missing, marking plate for spindle speeds and feeds is missing.

Our policy is "We are in the position to serve our customers lifelong for every machine they buy from us!"